A downloadable game for Windows and Android


Get as far as you can into the enemy base using your deadly ninja skills. Survive as long as possible by avoiding the traps laid out before you. The greatest ninjas will use their shurikens to foil all obstacles laid before them.

Integrates with Play Games, so you can attempt to beat other players across the world. Are you deadly enough to get further than any other ninja?

Further Development

I'm still working on this game, and have a number of bug fixes and features in the pipeline.


DeadlyNinjaPug.zip 30 MB
DeadlyNinjaPug.apk 40 MB

Also available on


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this is awesome, definitly not dissappointing

Thanks! Working on a few improvements - glad you weren't disappointed!

here is a little suggestion, a possible ability to speed up a little, the game has a slow start, so it may get you right into the action

yeah, ive doubled the start speed twice, and it does get extremely fast later. Maybe i need to increase start speed and slow the incremental increase. Thanks for the feedback :)

omw yes this is the game i needed but not the game i deserve. . .10/10 will film for youtube. . .

nooooooooooooooooooooo it isn't a .exe file!

I'm working on a web GL version - might do a windows version too - hopefully by the end of the week :D

There's now a zip file for a PC build of the game - hope it works for you :D

I'm working on some updates to add some features in the near future.

Im Glad You May This Game! Thanks!!!! :)

Glad you liked it :D