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this is awesome, definitly not dissappointing

Thanks! Working on a few improvements - glad you weren't disappointed!

here is a little suggestion, a possible ability to speed up a little, the game has a slow start, so it may get you right into the action

yeah, ive doubled the start speed twice, and it does get extremely fast later. Maybe i need to increase start speed and slow the incremental increase. Thanks for the feedback :)

omw yes this is the game i needed but not the game i deserve. . .10/10 will film for youtube. . .

nooooooooooooooooooooo it isn't a .exe file!

I'm working on a web GL version - might do a windows version too - hopefully by the end of the week :D

There's now a zip file for a PC build of the game - hope it works for you :D

I'm working on some updates to add some features in the near future.

Im Glad You May This Game! Thanks!!!! :)

Glad you liked it :D