A downloadable game

Explore the wilds of space in this first-person procedural / user generated RPG.

As this project develops it will create a platform for players to explore, fight, trade, mine, complete missions, work for factions and eventually make their way through the ranks of various organizations.

It will use a mix of procedural and crafted content, and will offer creators the chance to build unique storylines they can share with other players. Over time more content will be created to expand the types of planet you can visit, items you can collect, loot or trade, new npcs to converse with, new missions to complete, new enemies to fight and new events to participate in.

This will be an ever expanding universe, which will be directed by its players. Are you intrepid?

Follow me on this adventure of building this game in my spare time, it may take a while, but this is a journey I wish to share with everyone. I hope it can inspire others to make their own universes a reality!

Development log