Welcome to the galaxy!

Welcome to this first devlog, and an introduction to my passion project. This is a side project that I work on in my spare time, coming home from working at a AAA game studio and working on this indie project - I guess I'm a glutton for punishment!

So what is Intrepid?

Well it can best be described as an action RPG set in space. It will be built around the concept of tying procedural generation with user generated content. With enough of a community, I hope this to eventually become a platform for people to share and play each other's stories and invest themselves in a diverse and interesting world.

This site will feature devlogs recording the development of the game as I build it slowly, piece-by-piece - and also as I buy various assets and source things that I cannot hope to spend time doing myself - after all, currently this project is just a one-man-show. Who knows though - hopefully in the future I can entice other people to come on board and help me build this thing.

I'll be posting a video of where the project is currently at fairly soon - it's pretty early days, but there's the beginnings of a game. Stay tuned!

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